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Blue Butterfly Counseling is an associate of and shares an office with Jana Briggs Counseling, LLC & Associates. Our team includes a wide variety of experienced professionals from counselors and career coaches to social workers and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Whatever your needs, Jana Brigs Counseling LLC & Associates will be there for you.


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As a clinician, Amy is also a member of the Douglas Arapahoe Suicide Prevention Alliance (DASPA). As an alliance of clinicians and community members, DASPA strives to increase awareness, provide community trainings, and seek new ways to serve the community with both prevention and postvention resources. 


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Play therapy


Play therapy is to children what counseling is to adults. Play therapy utilizes play, children's natural medium of expression, to help them express and understand their feelings more easily through toys and art in addition to words.

The Association for Play Therapy (APT) defines play therapy as "the systematic use of a theoretical model to establish an interpersonal process wherein trained play therapists use the therapeutic powers of play to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development."

Family therapy


The family system is instrumental to clients growth and health. It is often encouraged that family members (particularly parents) be invested and occasionally involved in the therapy process. This commonly takes two forms: 1) where one member of the family is the "client" and others are involved in support or 2) where the family system is the "client" and all members are involved in the therapeutic process.

Talk therapy


"Talk therapy" is what people traditionally think of when they think of therapy. Talk therapy is beneficial for clients from early adolescents through adulthood and can treat a range of conditions. Blue Butterfly Counseling uses a variety of modalities in talk therapy sessions including Humanistic Person Centered Therapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Solution Focused Therapy

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