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Introducing EMPOWER Groups!! Starting June 2024

For Questions or to Reserve Your Spot!


A Positivity and Self Esteem Therapy Group where we Empower each other to be:

Encouraging - Mindful - Powerful - Optimistic  Well rounded - Empathic - Resilient

Upcoming Groups: 

     - Middle School Girls Starts Tuesday June 4th 

     - High School Girls - Fall 2024 

     - Middle School Girls - Fall 2024

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What is an Empower Group?
        -Empower Groups are made for teens working through the daily struggles and anxieties of teen life. Topics covered include self-esteem, peer pressure, friendships, relationships, identity, values, social media, ect. this is a discussion based group so topics are personalized and may vary. While Self-harm, Suicide, and other heavy mental health topics may come up, this group is not made for those seeking specific care for these topics. 

What do you do at Empower?
        - Empower groups are made to be fun and engaging and are both activity and discussion based. These activities include a variety of games, arts and craft activities, yoga, mindfullness, and skill building. When describing Empower to a colleague, it was affectionately nicknamed "Counseling Camp". After signing up, you will receive an emailed schedule with the topics and activities for your particular group. 

When does Empower meet?
        - Empower is an 8 week group that meets once a week for 90min. Groups are continually running throughout the year and held on different days for different demographics. Keep an eye out for upcoming groups. 

How much does Empower Cost?
        -For therapy and materials, Empower groups are $52 per 90 min session (8 weeks of sessions) You can pay for all up front or be charged the day of each session. While accommodations can be made if you miss more than one group session, to be a part of the group you must pay for at least 7 sessions.

How do I sign up?
        -If you're interested, shoot Amy an email through our Contact page!  Leave your info and we'll connect for a brief intake to make sure its a good fit for your teen. Once you have paid the first session's payment, you will be officially signed up and will get a follow up email with next steps!

Interested in EMPOWER but cant make this one work? let us know! We are continually adding new groups to our schedule and would love to get your feedback on what demographic to do next!

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