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 About Amy 

Amy McMullen, MA, LPC

Amy is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in the mental health and wellness of children, adolescents, and young adults. She utilizes a variety of modalities including play, art, family, and talk therapies to create an individualized and evidence based treatment plan as unique and special as the clients she sees. Amy works with individuals who struggle with anything from adjustment and behavior issues to severe depression and trauma. 

Amy graduated from Metro State University of Denver in 2011 with her BA in Psychology and received her MA in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from Regis University in 2018. She started Blue Butterfly Counseling in the summer of 2019, bringing her dream of serving the community through private practice to fruition. 

Amy is a Colorado Native and an avid Colorado sports fan. When not working with clients, she can typically be found watching The Colorado Rockies or The Denver Broncos with her friends and family. She is a proud cat-mom to her sweet black and white kitty named Shiloh Rain. Before starting her private practice, Amy spent seven years in youth ministry at her childhood church. Ministry, and particularly service to others is still a large passion and part of her life. 

So.. Why Blue Butterfly?

"The symbolism of the butterfly is, in itself, so beautiful for counseling work. The idea of transformation, of leaving the old behind and becoming the new, while still being you. The freeing thought of 'taking flight.' So why then use a particular type of butterfly? Well that reason is much more personal. Blue butterflies in particular have always shown up at pivotal points in my life. Anywhere from blue butterflies showing up around loved ones who have passed and on hikes where crucial life decisions were being made, to a giant blue butterfly being painted on the wall of my first counseling job (wasn't sure about taking the job till I saw it! Seriously!) Blue butterflies have shown up in the most important and spiritual times in my life, how could I not take that with me into my private practice? And thus, Blue Butterfly Counseling came to be. Thanks for asking!"     -Amy


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